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Acorn “Let’s Get Moving” Challenge

Acorn “Let’s Get Moving” Challenge

#‎acornchallenge‬ WHO IS IN???
*From June 1 until the end of June (it is never too late to join!)
*Every day, rain or shine, you will get yourself moving!
*Give the gift of health by challenging your friends, families and co-workers to join in the fun!


#3….HAVE FUN!!!

The challenge is to increase your movement and improve your health! If at the beginning you need to split it into two or three sets during the day or change the amount that is totally fine! It is all about movement since movement is the key to health! Push yourself, have fun and let’s see who can create a new personal best by the end of June!


If you have a FACEBOOK account, please go and “LIKE” Acorn Family Health and Wellness Centre. On our page you will see all these instructions. Every time you post a message, comment or picture on our Facebook page AND/OR tweet or tag @acornhealth on Twitter or Instagram, you will be entered into a draw for lots of great prizes! Don’t forget to post pictures of you doing your exercises at work, at home, at the gym, motivate each other and let’s get healthy!

#acornchallenge ‪#‎movementislife‬ #letsgetmoving #nowisthetime #personalbest

Every Day

1. 50 squats per day (wall squats, free squats, alternating leg curls while sitting, etc)
2. 5-25 push ups depending on your ability (can do wall pushups standing or seated as well)
2. up to 90 second plank (wall, knees and elbows, feet and elbow, or lifting one arm and opposite leg while holding then switch at 30 seconds). If you can do more go for it!
3. 50 jumping jacks, or opposite hand to opposite knee, or alternating foot taps to either side
4. 25 lunges (alternating feet)
*if not mobile do seated alternating leg extensions
5. 20 dips (for triceps) or overhead arm extensions if need to peel it back.
6. 25 oblique side plank hip raises per side (again if can do more go for it) *modification: do seated twists with arms in front
Don’t forget to do daily stretching for everyday posture and health!

*Note: if you’d like to do more exercise, go for a swim, go for a walk, cardio, enjoy the outdoors, go to the gym, ABSOLUTELY!!! These are just a base to add to our day and the rest is gravy!

For those who may not be as mobile see the suggestions to help modify or peel it back to what you are capable of doing OR message us and one of our healthcare professionals will give you more suggestions!

DO NOT PANIC if this is beyond where you are at. Like we said the goal is to start, do these exercises every day and by the end of the month be up to your personal best. If you are already at this level then keep pushing and increase the numbers but remember every day you have to do these 6 things!


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