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Anyone Considering Chiropractic Care To Talk To Dr. Davis!

After meeting Dr. Davis at a Goodlife Fitness anniversary event, I set up an appointment and went in to see her. Before she even looked at me, she asked numerous health questions including several that I didn’t think were related to chiropractic: was I wrong. For the last 20 years, I have been suffering from “clogged” sinuses. I have had drugs prescribed, had surgery once, and seen numerous medical doctors and specialists over that period. I was always told that there was little or nothing that could be done and that I would have to put up with it. For the last year and a half under Dr. Davis’ treatments, my sinus problems have mostly gone away. I still have days where I have congestion, but the “clogs” on my bad days are now like what they were on my good days before Dr. Davis. My neck pains are all but non-existent and my posture is way better. I am also a lot more informed about my health as well because Dr. Davis explained how all three were related. I highly recommend to anyone that is considering chiropractic care to talk to Dr. Davis!


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