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Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to Detox with your group

Dear Kim,

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to Detox with your group. When I started this three week journey I was very doubtfulthat I would feel much change at all. I wanted to get back on track with weight loss – something I had been avoiding for over a year. I needed a kick-start back into the “Zone” and looked at a restricted diet as a way of doing it.

Today I stepped on the scales exactly three weeks from the date and time I started the Detox with you and I have lost 14.6 lbs. I have learned to enjoy simply prepared fresh food,some I’ve never had before. My taste buds have been awakened again and food really tastes good.

I have experienced many surprising changes that I never would have expected. I had a permanent redness to my face for years and it has almost disappeared. I had two itchy scaly patches on my scalp which have almost cleared up. A chronic cough which I suffered often during day and night has bothered me on only a few occasions during the night. These were all minor problems I lived with before the Detox and I hope that I will continue to experience improvement as I limit the milk and wheat in my diet.

Most exciting of all is reduction of a fogginess which continually made me feel like I was living in a cloud. My clarity of thought is better than ever.

Again thank you for sharing so much information and taking me along on the journey.

(52 years old)

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